How to Use Command Line Interface & SCPI for Scripting (Introduction)

For automation purposes, VeEX portable test sets offer basic test functions that can be controlled by external scripts

Although it is not considered a target (or critical) application for portable (field) test instruments, most VeEX portable test sets do offer basic test functions that can be controlled by scripts, for automation purposes, using CLI and SCPI commands. They can be used to build processes and/or create more complex test sequences and test scenarios. Those text-based commands can also be embedded into modern scripting languages, with the added intelligence to create automated and repetitive tasks.

CLI: Command Line Interface (used for test sets’ System and Resource Administration)

SCPI: Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (used to configure and run test applications)

We offer the VeEX SCPI Remote & Command Reference Tool as a unique tool to learn the test sessions and test resources management process and serve as a live reference for all commands required to build a test sequence script.

Process Summary

  1. Connect the test set's Management port to a LAN (Ethernet/IP).
  2. Use a PC (controller) to establish an SSH or Telnet connection to the test set.
  3. Use the System & Admin CLI commands to initiate a test Session.
  4. Assign an available test Resource (Port Group) to the current session.
  5. Start a Test Application supported by the selected test port group.
  6. Let the Software, Firmware and/or FPGA code load, for the test application to be ready.
  7. Upon confirmation, switch to the test application's SCPI commands to configure the test scenario, initiate the test and retrieve results, etc.
  8. When finished, the script shall stop the test, exit the test application, release the associated test resources (so they become available to others), and terminate the session.

This article serves as a table of contents for the following important sections. Please refer to these articles for the details on each individual step:

For certain test applications, users can initiate a telnet session, allocate the target test resource, launch the test application and enter the following SCPI command :DEBUG:INFO?; to get a raw list of all current commands, argument types, ranges etc., for further reference.

Application-Specific SCPI Command Sample References

To download a copy of the VeEX SCPI Remote & Command Reference Tool installer package for Windows PC (30-day trial included) and SCPI Commands Getting Started Guide samples for applications such as Ethernet, OTN/SDH/SONET/PDH/DSn, etc., to get started with scripting, scan the QR code or click on the link below:

Scan to download SCPI Commands Sample Guides and the PC Tool

In the event that the downloaded ZIP file is flagged as an "Uncommon Download" or "can't be downloaded securely", click on the warning message, open the options, and select Keep and Keep Anyway. However, we take security very seriously, so we recommend not to download these files from sources different than the domain and to follow your organization's IT security policies. Please Contact Us if you encounter any issues.

The SCPI Commands Sample Guides are only offered as visual references with examples of some common/typical commands structures, syntax, but not meant to provide a complete list of all available commands. For the actual command reference, VeEX offers the self-guided SCPI Remote & Command Reference Tool as the main documentation for script developers.

Test applications' commands tend to be the same for every product that supports the same test feature. Nonetheless, using the SCPI Tool with the specific target test set is the recommended way to identify the proper commands to use.

Although most VeEX portable test sets support SCPI commands for internal development, regression, verification and manufacturing testing purposes, the SCPI Remote & Command Reference Tool focusses on the following multi-service products and technologies:

Supported Test Sets

  • MTX150, TX340s, MTTplus-340, RXT-3400, RXT-6200+
  • Limited support for retired products, such as TX300s, TX320s, MTTplus-320, RXT-3000, RXT-6000e, UX400.

Supported Test Applications (Technologies)

  • Ethernet, eCPRI, CPRI, Fibre Channel, OTN/SDH/SONET/PDH/DSn, Datacom, IEEE C37.94

Not all test functions or test modes are supported by the SCPI Remote & Command Reference PC Tool. It focuses on providing references for the basic commands that users can use to build more complex test applications. For example, instead of offering a complete RFC2544 test feature, it provides all the commands that would be required to build a customized RFC2544 script.

To enquire about SCPI Remote & Command Reference Tool licenses, click on this How To Buy link.

Should you have any other technical questions or require support, please Contact Us.