How to Export Datacom Test Profiles from One MTX150 and Import them into Multiple MTX150 Test Sets? Clone

Use the Web Access feature in the test set to retrieve (Download) the desired test profiles to a PC. Copy them to a USB memory stick and use the From USB/OTG function on the MTX150 to import them.

Test functions in VeEX's portable test equipment use Test Profiles to store and recall commonly used test configurations (settings). Normally, those configurations can be exported using the To USB/OTG image-png-Jan-30-2023-11-02-18-3532-PM function on the File Manager, then they can be retrieved using the From USB/OTG image-png-Mar-14-2023-11-55-23-8967-PM restore function. This can be dome on the same test set (e.g., before and after performing a software upgrade, to retain the test profiles) or to copy those configurations to other test sets (cloning). However, Datacom test profiles can't be successfully exported using that method, so we recommend following this workaround:

A. Obtaining the Test Profile Files (xml, html, prof)

  1. Point the web browser to the "Reference" or "Source" unit's IP address. That would be the test set that has all the test configuration files (profiles) which need to be distributed. 
  2. Select Profiles from the Web Access menu, on the left.
  3. Select the checkboxes for all applicable test profiles. (Up to 5 at a time.)
  4. Use the Download to create local copies on the PC.

B. Copy Files/Folders to USB Drive

  1. In the root of a FAT32 USB drive, create a folder called VEEX_PROFILE_EXPORTS. (If you have previously used the image-png-Jan-30-2023-11-02-18-3532-PM To USB/OTG function, this folder may already be there. Clean it if necessary)
  2. Copy all the individual folders downloaded, from the previous section, to the VEEX_PROFILE_EXPORTS folder.
  3. Make as many copies of the USB memory stick as needed.

C. Loading Profiles to Test Sets

  1. Plug the USB memory stick to the target MTX150, using the micro-B USB to USB-A adapter cable.
  2. Go to image-png-Oct-06-2022-05-11-23-07-PMSystem Tools >Results & Files manager and click on the From USB/OTG (Restore) function in the units. Once finished, all the imported Profiles should appear in the list and be ready to use.
  3. Repeat this last section if the profiles need to be imported in multiple units (cloning).

Note: The VEEX_PROFILE_EXPORTS folder can be zipped and shared with remote colleagues, who can perform the simple instructions in section C, so everyone uses the same configurations.

Related Test Solutions

The test profile download portion (Section A) could also be performed from a remote unit, using a PC, with either Web Access + VPN or using the free EZ-Remote cloud service.