Why is the Number of Satellites in the GNSS (GPS) 'Satellite View' Smaller than the ones in the 'Signal C/No' Table?

VeEX's GNSS Satellite View graph only shows the position of active satellites being used for timing calculations

While the Signals (C/No) table shows the signal quality (or Carrier-to Noise Density in dB-Hz) for all satellite signals being received, the Satellite View graph focuses on the position of all satellites that are contributing to timing calculations.

Some of the satellites listed in the table may not be stable or their positional data may not be resolved, so they are not displayed in the graph. The discrepancy could be more pronounced in places with limited, marginal or poor satellite signal reception.

Also note that, with dual band receivers, each Space (satellite) Vehicle Number (SVN) will have two entries in the C/No table, one for each frequency band.

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