Why Does VeEX Still Use External Wi-Fi and Bluetooth USB Dongles (Transceivers)?

Simplicity, Convenience, Futureproofing, IT Security, Local Regulations, Low Cost, etc.

N150 style low-profile Wi-Fi transceiver (USB-A dongle)There are several compelling factors for using these small pluggable USB sticks as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or 4G/5G transceivers as the preferred choice for our portable test platforms, such as:


  • Simple maintenance and replacements are easy to source by end users. Much quicker that sending the test set to a service center and get the approvals to do it).
  • Unobtrusive small form factor. They can be left attached to the test set.
  • Low-profile nano USB transceivers are available in convenient Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo versions.


  • Test sets can be easily upgraded to the latest supported standard versions of wireless technologies.

IT Security & Secured/Restricted Facilities

  • Secured sites and IT network security policies continue with the trend of banning radio transceivers inside facilities. With most VeEX product, compliance is as simple as removing the USB transceivers from the test set and leaving them in the truck/van.

Lower Cost

  • The use of commercially available, certified and market-specific transceivers translates into lower initial cost to our customers and lower replacement cost (in the rare event of a hardware a failure).

VeEX RXT test platform with low-profile (N150 style) Wi-Fi/Bluetooth USB dongle inserted.     VeEX MTTplus test platform with recessed low-profile (N150 style) Wi-Fi/Bluetooth USB dongle inserted.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth USB dongle in VeEX RXT and MTTplus (recessed) platforms 

Contact our Customer Care team if you need more details about wireless transceivers currently available and supported by VeEX test sets.