Why the Test Set's Clock Keeps Going Back to Year 2000?

If the test set's main real time clock (RTC) keeps on resetting to 2000-01-01 12:00:01, the backup coin battery may be depleted or damaged, and needs to be replaced.

If the main clock keeps on resetting back to 2000-01-01 12:00:01 after being stored (not used or charged) for several weeks, that could mean its backup (coin) battery may be depleted (fully discharged) and may need to be replaced. 

Those small internal batteries are designed to last the lifetime of a product. However, their lifespan can vary by product type, usage and some hardware options. Acting as a backup to maintain time and date, those batteries may last longer on test sets that are used daily, compared to one that are kept in storage and used occasionally. The GNSS receiver hardware options may also reduce the total lifespan of said coin battery, as they also use it as a backup, when power is off.

Suggested Workarounds

  1. Of course, the first recommended option is to send the product to a service center, to get the coin battery replaced. Nonetheless we do understand that cost and/or logistics may be an issue, especially if the test set is essential for day-to-day tasks. We recommend contacting VeEX's local partner to discuss the options.
  2. Many of VeEX's test sets support network timing protocol (NTP) for the system's clock. If internet access (LAN or WiFi) is available, the test set can get accurate time from the network, every time it is turned ON. To enable NTP, go to >System Tools >Utilities >Settings >Global, turn NTP Time Service ON by selecting a time synchronization refresh period, and enter the desired time server URL. Note: If the test set is registered to a VeSion® R-Server Asset & Workflow Management System, its corporate administrator may disable time setting and NTP.
  3. Test Sets registered to a VeSion® R-Server Asset & Workflow Management System, can receive time and date from the central server, when it connects to the service. This will keep the system clock aligned to the server's time.