Why Can't VeEX Test Sets Join Wi-Fi Internet at Airports, Hotels or Coffee Shops?

Certain locations use Captive Networks, which require extra information from customers or visitors in order to grant access to Wi-Fi Internet. VeEX products offer direct connection to Access Point only.

Captive Networks 

Also called "Captive Portals", "Web Logins", "subscription" or "Wi-Fi Hotspot" networks. They can be found in coffee shops, Internet cafes, hotels, airports, sport arenas, and other public locations. They are used for commercial purposes to validate actual customers, capture contact information, display ads, push social media subscriptions, upsell Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. Instead of using regular SSID and Passwords, these front-end sites (web pages) require special keys printed on receipts, room number, email address, passphrase and/or accepting the terms and conditions on a log-in page, to allow connection to the Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) and access to the Internet. 

No Support for Web Log-ins

For security and privacy (and to adhere to our customers' security policies) VeEX test sets only offer direct connection to Access Points (e.g., modems, routers, gateways, etc.). Hence, other levels of authentication are not allowed for access, management or testing purposes.

Even though they may have legitimate sounding names, such as "FreeAirportWiFi", some Captive Wi-Fi Networks found in public places may not be legitimate.

Suggested Alternative 

Using the access point mode offered by smartphones (tethering) provides a more secure and reliable solution, while on the move. In many cases, the company-issued smartphones or tablets also come with secured VPN access to their corporate networks, allowing secure transfer of results, access to the R-Server workflow and results management system, remote control/assist, license retrieval and sharing with VeEXpress, and software upgrades, among others.