What To Do If The Test Set's Touch Screen Doesn't Work, Seems Frozen Or Irresponsive?

If the test set's touch screen doesn't seem to work, it could be locked or may require calibration.

image-png-Sep-20-2023-03-54-15-8786-PMFirst, check if the Lock Screen icon is being displayed on the top-right corner of the screen, if the test set's touch screen seems frozen or irresponsive, to make sure the touch screen has not been accidentally locked or by another user. VeEX test sets have a dedicated image-png-Dec-13-2022-12-05-00-2081-AM/image-png-Dec-12-2022-11-47-03-7954-PM Lock Screen button, used to prevent accidental interruptions during long-term tests. Press the Lock Screen button to release it and try again.

If the touch screen is not locked, please refer to the Touch Screen Calibration guide. 

If the above procedures do not fix the touch screen issues, please click on this link to Contact Us, select [√] Customer Service/Tech Support, provide the Product Type, Serial Number and a brief description of the behavior being experienced. If it is related to colder ambient temperatures, please state the approximate temperatures.