What is VePAL? What Does VePAL mean?

VeEX Personal Analyzers are a series of portable chassis used by VeEX to build its products

VeEX Personal Analyzer (VePAL) is a series of common portable (handheld) product form factors (a.k.a. chassis) used by VeEX to build its products. The different sizes allow the flexibility of fitting test and measurement products, targeting different applications and use cases. Generally speaking, VePAL products are considered non-nodular (from the end users' point of view), nevertheless, they are factory modular (configurable at time of ordering, via hardware options or "blades").

Examples of VePAL Form Factors:

V100 Chassis Form Factor (Retired)

TX150+-red_front_LRThis field-oriented small handheld chassis included products like the CX100+, CX110+, CX150-D3, CX150-D3+ (red), CX180-D3, MX100+, MX120e+, TX130/E+, TX130M+, TX150/E+, TX150/E+ (red), etc.



V150 Chassis Form Factor

MTX150x_front_LRThis field-oriented small handheld chassis includes current products, like the CX310 CATV/DOCSIS, FX120 XG(S)-PON Analyzer, FX150+ OTDR, FX182 xWDM Channel Checker, MTX150 10G Multi-Service, MTX150x Dual 10G Ethernet, MTX150x Lite Internet Speed Tester, etc.


V300 Chassis Form Factor

TX300s-front_LRThis field-oriented mid-size handheld chassis currently includes advanced products like the CX350s-D3.1 CATV Installer Meter, CX380s-D3.1 CATV Super-Tech Tool, CX380C Advanced Cable Plant Maintenance, TX300s family of 10G-to-100G Multi-Service testers, etc.


Other VeEX Platforms / Form Factors

  • MTTplus Modular Test Platform
  • RXT-1200 Advanced Modular Test Platform
  • UX400, UX400+ (retired)
  • AT2500-3G
  • Smaller CX4x/FX4x and FX8x handhelds
  • As well as different rack mount chassis