What is the L2CP Transparency Test?

Verifies end-to-end transparency of Layer 2 Control Protocols (L2CP) forwarding over switched Ethernet networks.

The L2CP Transparency test verifies the handling of Layer 2 Control Protocol (L2CP) frames across Carrier Ethernet networks by transmitting a set of L2CP frames and verifying that they are successfully forwarded through the network. This feature supports common L2CP frame types (as per MEF 45 standard) as well as Cisco L2CP frame formats.

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) specifies the rules for processing L2CP Ethernet frames when they arrive at the L2CP decision point on the user network interface (UNI). The rules provide the mechanism for transparently passing the L2CP frame between a Carrier Ethernet Network and a Subscriber Network. Adopting L2CP transparency promotes the interoperability of equipment between subscriber networks and carrier networks.

To access the L2CP Transparency test feature in VeEX products, launch the Ethernet Test Mode for the required link interface and go to >Advanced Tools (>More) >L2CP Transparency, select from the Transmit, Receive or Loopback modes of operation, and follow the on-screen step-by-step procedure.

Supported L2CP Protocol Frames 

A combination of the following protocols can be selected for end-to-end transparency verification:

  • CDP - Cisco Discovery Protocol (Cisco)
  • DTP - Dynamic Trunking Protocol (Cisco)
  • E-LMI - Ethernet Local Management Interface
  • ESMC - Ethernet Synchronization Message Channel

  • GMRP - Generic Attribute Registration Protocol Multicast Registration Protocol
  • GVRP - Generic VLAN Registration Protocol

  • ISL - Inter-Switch Link (Cisco)
  • LACP - Link Aggregation Control Protocol
  • Link OAM - Link Operation, Administration, Management
  • LLDP - Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • MMRP - Multiple MAC Registration Protocol
  • MSRP - Multiple Stream Reservation Protocol for Audion Video Bridging (AVB)
  • MSTP - Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
  • MVRP - Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol
  • PAgP - Port Aggregation Protocol (Cisco)
  • PE-CSP - Port Extension Control and Status Protocol
  • PNAC 802.1X - Port-based Network Access Control 
  • PTP - Precision Time Protocol (peer delay)
  • PVST - Per VLAN Spanning Tree (Cisco)
  • PVST+ (LLC, SNAP) Per VLAN Spanning Tree (Cisco)
  • RPVST - Rapid Per VLAN Spanning Tree
  • RSTP - Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
  • SPB - Shortest Path Bridging
  • STP - Spanning Tree Protocol
  • STP-ULFAST - Spanning Tree Protocol Uplink Fast (Cisco)
  • UDLD - Unidirectional Link Detection (Cisco)
  • VDP - VSI (Virtual Station Interface) Discovery and Configuration Protocol
  • VLAN Bridge STP - VLAN Bridge Spanning Tree Protocol (Cisco)
  • VTP - VLAN Trunk Protocol (Cisco)
  • User Customizable Frame Types

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