What Does the Sync 1PPS Button Do?

When the internal Atomic Clock is free running (not being disciplined), the Sync 1PPS button can be used to perform a one-time alignment of the Atomic_1PPS output with the GNSS_1PPS reference.

When discipline is turned OFF, for the built-in Atomic Clock, users can manually align the Atomic_1PPS clock output with the GNSS/GPS_1PPS reference. The GNSS (GPS) receiver must be turned ON, has finished its survey and is accurately locked to standard time from the satellite constellations. 

Unlike disciplining, which continuously corrects the time (phase) of the Atomic Clock's 1PPS output, the Sync 1PPS function only aligns the Atomic_1PPS output to the next 10MHz zero crossing right after the rise of the 1PPS input (from GNSS). So, the Atomic_1PPS is aligned to the standard second within ±100ns. After the pulse alignment, the atomic clock continues to free run.

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