VeEX Software Download Blocked by Web Browser with the Warning "File isn't commonly downloaded."

If you encounter this warning, after clicking on a link from a trusted VeEX official page, may Right-Click on it, select Keep, Show More and Keep Anyway, to start the download.

Since VeEX test solutions focus on relatively narrow market segments, and they are not consumer-oriented, their related PC applications may indeed not be downloaded very often, relative to other commercial applications. That may be the reason why a download attempt of certain installer packages from VeEX Inc. may trigger such security warnings from Windows Defender, browser security or any other anti-virus software. As strong advocates of network security, take those warnings seriously and try to address them quickly. However inconvenient or concerning it may look to you, that is your system doing its job.

In the event that you encounter this warning message, after clicking on a link from any of VeEX's official pages, please Contact Us so we can resolve it.

However, if you started the download from one of our trusted pages or subdomains, and you can't wait for the software, just Right-Click on it, select Keep, Show More and Keep Anyway, to start the download. Note that the process may vary from browser to browser, depending on the type of security protection on your PC and the Windows version. Always follow the IT security policies of your organization.

If you get that warning after clicking on a link from a third-party website (e.g., after a web search), we recommend searching for the same files directly on product pages or on this Knowledge Base first, to avoid any potential vulnerabilities. 

This is an example of a warning from Microsoft Defender:

Make sure you trust <file_name>.zip before you open it

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen couldn't verify if this file is safe because it isn't commonly downloaded. Make sure you trust the file you're downloading or its source before you open it.


Should you still have any concerns about security vulnerabilities or want to report a VeEX application being blocked or warnings, please Contact Us.