Test With Flow - Workflow Management

How to create, edit, and assign workflows.

A Work Flow represents a Work Order. Each Work Flow is assigned a Flow profile and a user to perform the tests. At the end of the process, the Work Flow provides a comprehensive summary of the work completed and the option to export a fully compiled report of the job.

To access Work Flows, expand the menu and click on Work Flows Admin

The Work Flows Admin menu provides the list of Work Flows. Selecting a time option will change the list:

  • All - List all Work Flows.
  • 1 Day - List Work Flows created in the past 24 hours.
  • 7 Days - List Work Flows created in the past 7 days.
  • 30 Days - List Work Flows created in the past 30 days.

The headers are as follows:

  • Name - Name of the Work Flow. (Usually the Work Order ID)
  • Profile - Flow profile used.
  • User - The user this Work Flow was assigned to.
  • Date - Date created.
  • Tasks - Overall status of the Work Flow.
    • INCOMPLETE - Not all steps are done properly.
    • PASSED - All steps are done and results all passed.
    • FAILED - All steps are done and at least one result failed.

Sort each column by clicking on the header. Expand the column by dragging the vertical line to the right of each header.


Creating a Work Flow

To create a new Work Flow, click on the () icon.

Note: The required fields are indicated by the (*).

Select a Flow Profile and a User to assign this Work Flow to. Enter other Work Order information if needed. The status will remain "Open".

Press Save () once done. The new Work Flow will be available to view in the Work Flows Admin menu.


Edit a Work Flow

Click on the target Work Flow to edit its information. 

Note: Modifying the Flow Profile of a Work Flow will reset the entire progress of that particular Work Flow. As a result, the assigned User will need to start from the beginning and perform all the steps of the newly assigned Flow Profile.


Press Save () once done.


Assigning a Work Flow

Each Work Flow requires a User assignment. A User is any user account under the same Franchise.

After being assigned, the designated user will have the ability to view and execute the assigned Work Flow by simply clicking on it.


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