Test With Flow - Running a Work Flow

How to run and close a Work Flow.

By default, the home page for each user displays a list of Work Flows that have been active in the past 7 days. This convenient list can be accessed at any time by expanding the menu and selecting Run Work Flows.

Tip: A "Run Flow" button is always available at the bottom of the screen for On-Demand Work Flow access.

The Run Work Flows page also provides a quick count of each Work Flow status - Incomplete, Failing, and Passing. By clicking on each button, you can easily filter the list to display only the Work Flows that have the selected status.


Running an assigned Work Flow

To run an assigned Work Flow, simply select and click on the target Work Flow from the list. 

The Work Flow will begin and any progress made will be saved automatically, including pressing back on the page or even closing the browser. Users have the flexibility to pause and resume the Work Flow at any time.


Creating and running a new Work Flow

Users also have the freedom to create their own personalized Work Flows in addition to receiving assigned ones from the Franchise's Administrator account.

In the Run Work Flow page, click on the Start New Flow () at the bottom. 

A menu will appear requiring the user to select a Flow Profile and a Work Flow ID.

Once Start () is clicked, the Work Flow will start automatically. Similar to assigned Work Flow, the user's custom Work Flow will automatically save any progress.

Custom Work Flow will have "WF-yyyyMMddHHmmss-" prepended to the Work Flow ID.


Closing a Work Flow

Once completed, the user will be presented with a summary step leading to a screen where each step and its status is presented.

To view each individual result, simply click on the value of the targeted step.

If not satisfied, the user will have the ability to go back and redo the step at any given time.

Once all is satisfied, the user can click Close Work Flow () to close the current Work Flow. Choose OK when notified.

Note: A closed Work Flow is permanent and cannot be modified. 



Viewing Work Flow Test Report

View the final report by navigating to Work Flow Admin and clicking on the targeted Work Flow. All closed Work Flows will have a weaker font.

The compiled report can be found in the Summary step and can be exported to PDF by clicking the PDF button.


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