Test With Flow - Results Management

How to upload, view, download, and delete test results.

Uploading test results

When using Flow supported test sets, you can take advantage of the built-in QR code generator for test results. By enabling this feature, the test set will generate a unique QR code for each result. Simply use your mobile phone or tablet to scan the QR code, ensuring the best experience.

To enable the QR code generation, navigate to the VeEX Menu > Global Settings on the test set.

Go to Storage Setting > QR Code Generation and select On

Once enabled, a QR code will be presented when the user saves a test result.



Scanning Result Using Flow QR Scanner

On your Flow account, select the QR Reader from the main menu.

Tip: A "Scan QR" button is always available at the bottom of the screen for On-Demand result QR scanning.

Allow location sharing to geotag each result on the GIS map.

Allow camera access to scan QR codes (required).

Click Start Scan to begin scanning. The Camera will be active for 30 seconds.

Select which camera to use for the best QR scan experience through the Camera dropdown.


Viewing and exporting test results

Test results are stored within the Test Results menu. To access, open the menu bar and select Test Results.

All uploaded test results will be listed on this page.

Tip: A "Results" shortcut button is always available at the bottom of the screen.

User can sort by Date, Name, Type, and Test Point by clicking the targeted header. Each header can also be expanded by dragging the vertical divider.

Clicking on any test result to see its details. Click back on your phone/tablet/PC to return back to the results list.

You can give a name to the result by inputting it on the Name box and click Set Name (). This will provide a name to further distinguish each result.

To export the current test result to PDF or JSON form, click on the PDF or JSON icon.

Deleting test results

Test results can be deleted individually or in bulk. To delete a test result, simply click on the check box of the designated test result and click the () button to delete.

Note: A test result can only be deleted if it is not linked to a Work Flow. Test results that are not associated with a Work Flow will not display a check box for deletion.

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