VeEX Test Set Shows MD5 Checksum Error Message After Software Upgrade/Update

One possibility is that older test sets, with smaller SD cards (e.g., 2GB), don't have enough space for newer software releases, which offer more features and support more test modules. Upgrading the SD card to 16, 32 or 64 GB should resolve it.

MD5 error message during the platform software update, due to not enough memory

For older test sets, there are two main possible causes for an MD5 checksum error message, during a software update process:

  • Data corruption during the download process. However, this is usually caught during the file download process or when uncompressing the ZIP installer package.
  • Data corruption during the file transfer to a faulty USB memory stick.
  • When trying to upgrade older test sets that don't have enough storage capacity for newer software releases, which offer more features and support more test modules. For example, TX300s or RXT-1200 with 2GB SD cards.

The solution to the last one is simple and can significantly extend the usable life of older test sets.

Go to >System Tools >Files >Manage and add up the Total Size column, to get an idea of the total capacity of the SD card currently installed on the test set. If it is around 2GB or 4GB, it should be upgraded to at least 16GB. You may order a replacement through VeEX, by contacting our Customer Care team.

If planning to source commercial SD cards locally, for TX300s and RXT platforms, VeEX recommends the use of 16, 32 or 64 GB SDXC C10 U3 cards. Refer to the SD Card Replacement Guide for further details.

In the meantime, while the new larger SD card is being purchased, users can reinstall the original software versions back, so there is no downtime.

  • To download older TX300s or RXT platform versions (e.g., RXT 02.01.0008), go to, accept the terms and conditions, click on the Software Download button (no password required), select the RXT (or TX300s) tab, check the box for the rxt-Release-02.01.0008 and click on the Download button.

Once the new SD card is inserted, the test set has to be upgraded to the latest version available, following the instructions from the Software Release notes.

Important: Older test sets, running older software versions (e.g., 2.x.x) may require their platforms to be upgraded to an intermediate version, before the platform and test modules can be upgraded to the latest formal releases available.

Some older products may also require upgrading their original 2GB or 4GB SD card to at least 16GB capacity, before they can be updated to the latest versions available.

Refer to the Release Notes for further details or Contact Us.

Copies of the latest Software Release Notes can be found in product's page at, under the RESOURCES section.


FYI: The MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm, version 5) is a one-way cryptographic hashing algorithm that accepts data of any length as the input and returns a 128-bit hash value as its output, to be used for authenticating the original data set.

Although originally intended to be used as a secure cryptographic hash algorithm for authenticating digital signatures, MD5 is now commonly used as a non-cryptographic checksum to verify data integrity and detect unintentional data corruption during file transfers.