Test Set Can't Detect OTU4 TCM Alarm or Error Events

When Testing OTU3 or OTU4, the Individual TCMi evaluations need to be Enabled, in order to match the device or link under test

When using the OTU3 or OTU4 With Ethernet & Bulk Payloads test modes, the TCM Errors and Alarms evaluations are Disabled by default, so the TCM1-6 result fields will show "--" to indicate "Not Available". The summary soft LED indicators will always be OFF. In this case, any incoming TCMi errors or alarms will be ignored.

Enabling TCM Detection & Evaluation

When testing links or devices with TCM, Enable the specific channels required to match the OTU4 under test. To do this, go to >OTN Tools >Overhead, select the TCM tab, and use the Page buttons to set the Rx Monitor = Enable for each of the required TCMi channels. Now, when a new test is started, the test set will record and display any incoming errors or alarms in the active TCM channels.

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