MPA Software Update Procedure

The following procedure is for upgrading the MPA system software, which already contains Feature Set 8.3.x or later.

safety Use this procedure only if your MPA already has an 8.3.x Feature Set or later.

stop If the current software version on your system is less than Feature Set 8.4.x, then contact VeEX Customer Care for assistance with upgrading older software versions.

important As of Feature Set 8.5.x, users need to login to the MPA system web-browser interface in order to upgrade the software.

tip It is recommended to hard-refresh your browser after upgrading the MPA software, before your next WebUI connection.

Software Upgrade Requirements:

  • Download the latest MPA software update file from VeEX's MPA Series website
    • When the software update file was downloaded from the website, then the tca.x.y.zz.tgz file may first need to be extracted out of a .zip download file (where x.y.zz is the actual software version).
    • For example, if the new Feature Set version is 8.5.96, the software update file will be named tca.8.5.96.tgz.
    • Do not extract the contents of the compressed tca.x.y.zz.tgz file, just extract the .zip file.
  • Verify you can Ping the MPA processor’s current IP Address.

Software Upgrade Procedure: 

  1. Open a web-browser and enter the MPA processor’s IP Address in the URL field, and then press Enter to connect.


  2. If a login is required, enter the Username and Password to log in to the MPA system.
    1. Any user account with Admin permissions can also perform software upgrades.
  3. As of the 8.6.x Feature Set, you will need to select Software Upgrade from the System Settings > Software Upgrade menu.
    1. In older software versions, the Software Update screen would appear as soon as you connect or log in to the MPA system.
  4. Click the Browse button to locate and select the downloaded tca.x.y.zz.tgz file, previously extracted from the .zip download file.  
  5. Click the Upload and Update Software button to begin the software upgrade.
    1. After pressing the Upload and Update Software button, the .tgz file will begin uploading to the MPA system.
    danger Warning! Do not turn the MPA’s Power Off, or connect to the MPA system during this time period!

  6. After the file finishes uploading, a Performing Upgrade message appears while the system processes the software upgrade file. swupdate04
    tip The web-browser may be closed after the Performing Upgrade message is displayed, if needed. However, if left opened, the web-browser will automatically reconnect to the MPA system after the software upgrade has completed, indicating that the system has rebooted and is ready for use.

  7. The MPA system automatically reboots after processing the software upgrade file, during which the browser will display a message stating Unable to communicate with MPA while the system reboots.
  8. This message will continue to display while the MPA system reboots, which may take between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the unit configuration, after which the Login screen will reappear indicating that the upgraded system is now ready to be used.
    1. For MPA systems with an SCM-210 controller card, the READY LED on the faceplate will also illuminate when the system has finished rebooting.

info Prior to logging back in with the WebUI, after the software upgrade completes, perform a hard-refresh by pressing “CTRL + F5” or  “CMD + Shift + R” at the login screen. This will clear previously cached script files, and ensure the newest script files are loaded.