How To Restore The MPA BIOS To User Defaults

This procedure may be required if an MPA unit fails to boot after being unplugged for an extended period.

info  This procedure only applies to MPA units with an SCM-210 processor card, and built prior to the summer of 2020.


The rechargeable CMOS battery in SCM-210 cards may lose their charge if the power to the MPA has been unplugged for a very long time. When this occurs, the BIOS settings will revert to factory defaults, which did not support more than a few MPM test modules plugged in at the same time.

The following procedure outlines the steps required to resolve this issue.

Tools needed for this procedure:

  • USB Keyboard
  • Monitor with mini-DisplayPort connector. (A mini-DisplayPort adaptor cable may have been included with the MPA's cables and accessories.)


  1. Turn the power off to the MPA.
  2. Pull the Extraction handles out to their half-way position (the first click), on all but one of the MPM test modules. (i.e., MPM-10G, MPM-100G, MPM-100AR, etc.)
  3. important  Note, the test modules being disengaged do not need to be removed from the chassis or disconnected from the back plane.
  4. Verify that the MPA is now able to finish the boot up process, with only one test module engaged.
  5. Connect a Monitor to the Mini DisplayPort connector and the USB Keyboard to one of the USB ports, and Reboot the MPA. SCM-210 Ports 
  6. Tap the DEL key on the keyboard when the unit starts to reboot to access the BIOS.
  7. tip If the DEL key was not pressed prior to the BIOS, and the MPA boots to the Linux OS, simply reboot the MPA and try again.
  8. In the BIOS utility, use the right-arrow key on the keyboard to navigate to the Save & Exit screen. MPA BIOS 
  9. Arrow down to the Restore User Defaults, press Enter, and select Yes to confirm.
  10. Arrow up to Save Changes and Reset, press Enter, and select Yes to confirm.
  11. After the MPA finishes booting, disconnect the Monitor and USB Keyboard, and push in the Extraction handles on all the MPM test modules.
  12. Reboot the MPA and verify that it is now able to boot up with all the test modules engaged, and all the test modules can be accessed from the User Interface.
  13. Leave the MPA powered On for at least 8 hours to fully recharge the CMOS battery.