How to Use VeEX's Datacom X Cable? Monitoring Serial Links

The optional X cable is used for basic in-line monitoring of synchronous and asynchronous Serial Datacom links


The F02-00-024G "DVI-I/D(Male) to 2 DVI-I/D (Female) - X Cable" was originally created as a pass-through tap for the TX130+’s Datacom monitor feature. Although it is a seldom used application, the MTX150 inherited that Datacom Monitor mode feature. However, its application is still limited (e.g., unless the DTE and DEC equipment are transmitting or carrying a standard PRBS (test pattern), the test set in the middle can only show the status of the main control signals).

The X Cable works in conjunction with the two standard DTE and DCE cables used for the selected datacom interface, which shall be connected to their respective “To DTE” and “To DCE” (female) ends of the X cable. Two of the four ends of the X cable form a pass-through path between the DTE and DCE devices under test.

The remaining two (male) legs of the X can be connected to the test sets (one at a time) to “monitor” the desired direction. These are the taps carrying a small sample of the signal for monitoring.

On the test set, configure the datacom interface to match the interface for the link under test, and turn Datacom Monitor = ON. Then select the Datacom Mode (DTE or DCE) to pick the direction to be monitored and connect the “DTE Mon” or “DCE Mon” leg of the X cable to the test set to match the setting.

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