How to Know What Hardware Version is in My Test Set? How Old is It?

VeEX test sets have a long useful lifespan. In some cases, it is necessary to know their hardware version to find out if they still can benefit from newer features and software. The product's Serial Number (S/N) provides that information.

VeEX test sets tend to have a longer than usual useful lifespan and we continue to support and issue software updates for as long as we can. In some cases, it is necessary to find out the hardware version, and/or year of manufacture, to know if the product still can benefit from newer features, functions and/or software, or whether it may require (or benefit from) some memory, storage or hardware upgrades. You may also have the following questions:

  • How old is my test set?
  • Is there a new software version available for my test platform and/or module?
  • Can my hardware still support the latest version features?
  • Can my test set's hardware be upgraded or updated to extend its lifespan?
  • I'm buying a used tester and want to know how old is it?

The test set's or module's Serial Number (S/N) contains helpful information about the product's type, version and age. Software release notes (from the product's web page) may refer to the serial number information to indicate compatibility with new features and functions. Most VeEX products use the following serial number structure:


  • PID - Manufacturing facility and unique product type identifier (internal use).
  • V## - Test set's or test module's main hardware (board) version (V) and revision (##). (e.g., A00 indicates hardware version A revision 00).
  • YW# - Manufacturing date code, Year and Week number.
  • 12345 - Sequential serial number identification.

Year of Manufacture (Y)

The 7th character indicates the year in which the product was manufactured.

F - 2006

G - 2007

H - 2008

I - 2009

J - 2010

K - 2011

L - 2012

M - 2013

N - 2014

O - 2015

P - 2016

Q - 2017

R - 2018

S - 2019

T - 2020

U - 2021

V - 2022

W - 2023

X - 2024

The formula for the year is 2000 + Letter Number. With F being the 6th letter in the English alphabet, then it represents the year 2006.

Week of Manufacture (W#)

The 8th letter and 9th digit represent the week number. 

O - 0

A - 1

B - 2

C - 3

D - 4

E - 5

For example, O1 represents the first week of the year and E2 represents week 52.

Serial Number Example

Decoding of VeEX's Serial Number prefixes