How Can I Get Visio Stencils for VeEX Products?

Although we currently don't offer network diagram icon libraries specific to Microsoft Visio, we can provide vector graphics files (SVG) that can be easily imported.


Please download the VeEX products' vector graphics (SVG) library from or Contact Us if you have any question or request. All images are ©VeEX Inc. - All rights reserved.

Simply open the desired .svg file in Visio, using the >File >Open function. Then drag it to a custom VeEX stencil under My Shapes and give it a name. Once a new Visio file is opened, the newly added shape(s) will be available to use.

Refer to this Microsoft Visio link for extra information about importing SVG into Stencils.

FYI: To enable the convenient SVG thumbnails (image preview) in Windows 10 or 11 File Explorer, you may need to download and install Microsoft PowerToys, and follow the instructions in this link.

The standard SVG image file format can also be used in common diagram and presentation editing tools. For example, they can be dragged and dropped directly onto PowerPoint slides or documents, to create network diagrams and test scenarios.