How to Change from Standard Time to DST in VeEX testers?

Users can adjust the UTC Offset to match the current Daylight-Saving Time or Standard Time for their current Time Zone.

System Run Time Clock

VeEX products supporting Time Zones for their system's run time clock (RTC), can be adjusted to Standard Time or Daylight-Saving Time (DST), by setting the UTC offset for the corresponding season. This usually means adding or subtracting 1:00 to the region's standard offset.

For example, the standard time offset for California is UTC-08:00, also known as the Pacific Standard Time (PST) time zone. When the region switches to DST, or Pacific Daylight-Saving Time (PDT), the offset changes to UTC-07:00. So, users should do the same with the Offset in their test sets.

To change the UTC offset, go to >System Tools >Utilities >Settings >Date & Time, tap on the Time Zone tab on the top, and select the UTC/GMT±HH:MM seasonal offset applicable to the region. The menu structure may vary slightly from product to product.

If the test set is registered to a VeSion R-Server centralized Asset Management System, and its administrator has blocked the time settings, the Time of Day and Time Zone may not be able to be changed on the test set. The test set will get its official time from the R-Server only. The GNSS Sync ToD feature and NTP synchronization service won't be available either.

NTP Time Service

The UTC offset explained earlier also applies to Network Time Protocol services. Test sets supporting NTP can get accurate time from a reference server, while connected to the Internet. The test set gets UTC time form the NTP server and uses the Offset to adjust it to local time and apply it to the system clock.

To enable NTP time synchronization, go to >System Tools >Utilities >Settings >Global, turn NTP Time Service ON, by selecting the refresh interval, and enter the desired NTP server address.

For more details:  Public NTP Server Lists

GNSS Receivers

Test sets with GPS/GNSS receiver options also offer the ability to get accurate time from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) and apply it to the system and precision timing test applications. It shares the UTC Offset settings with the other applications. The UTC Offset can also be set or modified at >System Tools >Utilities >Settings >More >GPS/High-Precision Clock, tap on the GNSS Receiver tab, and set the applicable UTC offset corresponding to the current region and season. Once the GNSS receiver gets the time from the satellites, users can press Sync ToD button to synchronize the system's clock Time of Day (ToD).

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