How Does the External USB Storage Expansion on the MTTplus Work?

The MTTplus modular platform (chassis) offers the option to use an external USB memory stick to increase the USER storage space for more test results.

MTTplus-420The MTTplus modular test platform (chassis) offers multiple user data (test results) storage options:

  • System USB Stick (2GB) - This is the default selection. It uses a partition in the factory-installed protected system USB memory (marked DO NOT REMOVE). This leaves approximately 1.5GB for test results storage, which should be more than enough for most test applications.
  • Internal Memory (64MB) - Uses on-board (internal) flash memory to store test results.
  • External USB Stick - This allows the use of a standard USB-A memory stick, to increase the user storage capacity up to 32GB or 64GB.

Using External USB Memory Stick for User Data

Depending on their applications or security requirements, certain users may decide to attach a compact external USB memory stick (into the top USB-A port) in order to increase the user data storage space for more test results.

Adding & Enabling the External USB Storage

Insert the USB memory stick into the available port.

Since this is considered a semi-permanent solution/application, compact or miniature USB-A memory sticks are recommended, so the protective cover can still be closed.

Turn the test set ON. After bootup, wait for the external USB memory stick to be recognized (a green memory stick icon will be displayed on the top-right corner of the screen). ONLY ONE USB MEMORY STICK SHALL INSERTED!

Users may have to press the Cancel button to close the Test Mode Selection menu or tap on the image-png-Oct-06-2022-05-11-08-52-PM System Utilities button, to display the system Utilities page.

On the left menu, go to >Utilities >Settings >Global >General Settings and set User Data Storage = External USB Stick.

Read the Information pop-up and press OK to continue.

Reboot the test set. The USB memory stick will be formatted during the bootup process. Depending on the memory capacity, this may take up to a couple of minutes.

Go to >Files >Manage to verify the Partition 3 (data) field showing the new available capacity.

DO NOT REMOVE the newly added external USB storage! If the MTTplus platform fails to detect it, during the bootup process, it would switch to the smaller Internal Memory (64MB) mode.

If the external storage capacity is no longer needed, go to >Utilities >Settings >Global >General Settings and set User Data Storage = System USB Stick (2GB).

The secondary USB-A and micro-B USB ports (on the left side of the test set) can still be used with another USB memory stick for file transfers or for external accessories (e.g., OPX-BOX OTDR, Fiber Scopes, OPM, etc.).

Warning! The storage formatting on the external USB memory stick is not compatible with Windows. This is meant to stay attached to the MTTplus, not to be used to go back and forth with a PC to manually move large amount of data.

To reformat the USB memory stick back to FAT32, insert it into a PC and follow the reformatting instructions. All user data will be lost in the process.