How to Get/Download Older VeEX Software Versions?

Although SW downgrades are not recommended, we do understand they may be necessary in certain cases (when instructed by one of Customer Support agents).

The VeEX products' web pages and the built-in VeExpress client, will always offer the latest official software releases (versions).

Downgrading to previous platform and/or test module(s) versions is not recommended, unless instructed otherwise by a Customer Support representative.

However, if an older version of software is required, users of products supporting VeExpress (TX300s, RXT and MTTplus) can go to, check the terms and conditions box, click on the Software Download button (no password required), select the appropriate product tab and select the desired software versions to download. The current releases are marked with a dot.

For other products, please Contact Us.

For the last released (maintenance) versions of older discontinued products, please visit the Previous (Retired) & Discontinued sections of the product list menu. 

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