Forgot the Bootup PIN Code? How to Reset the PIN Code to Unlock the Test Sets?

This is an optional and secured Theft-Deterrent feature. Contact our Customer Care team, via email or using the link below, and provide the test set's serial number and your business contact information

Please use the following link to contact us Enter your contact information, including your company name, business email address (not personal), and business address. Select Customer Service/Tech Support and enter the test set model number and serial number (from the back label on the platform) in the comments, indicating that you are requesting a Bootup PIN reset key and providing any other relevant information.

The process may take a few days as VeEX may have to validate the legitimacy of the request, by contacting the registered customer (owner) on file and get approvals. You may include the email address of a supervisor or manager (in the comments field) who can help corroborate that you are the rightful user of the product. This could expedite the process.

For more information on this optional theft deterrent feature, refer to the Bootup PIN Code Lock Help page. 

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