Ethernet Over OTN Test Reports Only Show OTN Related Results, How To Include Throughput Test Results?

A separate report is generated for EoOTN Ethernet test results

When testing Ethernet payloads over OTN links, VeEX portable test sets may generate two separate test reports with the same name, one for all OTN-related parameters (labeled BERT) and another one for the Ethernet Throughput test (labeled THRPT).

The following EoOTN test functionality include two reports: OTU2e-10GE, OTU1e-10GE, OTU2-ODU0-1GE, OTU2-ODU1-ODU0-1GE, OTU2-GFP(F)-10GE, and OTU2-ODUflex-Nx2.5GE.

OTU4-100GE, OTU3-40GE and other ODU2e and ODU0 mux/mapping combinations provide a combined test report.

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