CX310 Meter is Slow to Respond or Running Sluggish

Clear SD card cache of any stored test results. Create a backup for Test Results and profiles, and/or upload them to R-Server. Then Perform a File Format.

Here are the steps to format the CX310:

Formatting the internal storage will clear all user files, including settings, channel tables, test results, test profiles, screenshots, etc. Backup the files you want to keep to a USB memory stick or upload them to the R-Server (if available).

  • Select the image-png-Oct-06-2022-05-11-08-52-PM button on the lower left corner. (If you do not see it, tap the arrow in the upper right)
  • Select the Arrow on the upper left corner of the screen, to expand the menu, and select Files
  • Select Manage
  • Select Format

The meter will reboot and the internal storage formatting is complete.  After the format, connect to the R-Server the tech information will be blank.

To resync the meter, connect it to the Internet, from the main menu go >More >R-Server. In the Server Address field, enter the URL of your organization's R-Server and then press Check. The tech information will be restored.