CX310 Fails to Connect to the R-Server over its Cable Modem Connection with URL/IP Error

Verify that the meter's cable modem MAC address is provisioned for service.

To ensure that the Cable Modem is provisioned, begin by connecting RF to the "Input" on CX310, and then connect to the Cable Modem mode. Wait until the Cable Modem is "Online" with a valid client IP, and go to the "IP Tools" tab. Select the "Web/FTP" option, and set the Mode to "Web". After that, click on the "Browser" button. 

The CX310 will open the internal Web Browser and take you to the If you see your ISP's login or activation page (e.g., Spectrum's Activation) appear, this means that the CX310's cable modem MAC address is not provisioned.

In such a scenario, it's recommended to reach out to your supervisor to ensure that the CX310 in question is provisioned for service.