What Do Bar Colors Mean In The VeCheck Test Application?

The colors in the CATV/DOCSIS/OFDM-oriented VeCheck test application indicate the type of carrier signals detected on the channel plan.

  • Grey - QAM Broadcast/video
  • Blue - DOCSIS Primary (the one with the config file information)
  • Yellow - DOCSIS Secondary (just used for channel bonding)
  • Light Blue - OFDM Subcarriers (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)
  • Pink - OFDM PLC (Physical Link Channel)
  • Green - MER (Modulation Error Ratio)
  • Black - Analog Video
  • Black Dimond Line - Current cursor position

The PLC carries information about the channel physical layer, including the OCD message (OFDM Channel Description), which is required for cable modems to identify the OFDM channels.

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