Can Regular AA Alkaline Batteries be Used with FX / FL / CX 4x Meters?

As a backup measure, these small meters can use regular AA alkaline batteries, as long as they are set up correctly.

The meters in the FX4x/FL4x/CX4x small-form-factor family of products are normally powered by two NiMH rechargeable batteries, installed at the factory, and a USB Charger with Micro-B USB cable.

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However, in the event that the tester runs out of battery charge, it can also be temporarily powered by regular AA alkaline batteries.

image-png-Sep-28-2022-04-51-12-51-PMWARNING: For safety reasons, follow the instructions on the back cover as well as the polarity markings on the battery compartment. Make sure to move the switch up, when using non-rechargeable batteries and before connecting it to a PC USB port or any other USB power source.

NEVER try to recharge a unit with Alkaline batteries inside!

Remove the alkaline batteries as soon as possible, reset the switch to the up position, reinstall the original rechargeable NiMH batteries and proceed to recharge the tester.