Can VeEX MTTplus Support SSMTT and SSxDSL Modules from Sunrise Telecom?

Original versions of the MTTplus hardware and software offered limited support for some of Sunrise Telecom's legacy SunSet MTT and xDSL modules, via an MTTplus-200 adapter module. New MTTplus hardware or software NO LONGER SUPPORT them.

When Sunrise Telecom Inc. went out of business and got dissolved, VeEX Inc. acquired the rights to all its intellectual property assets. In order to help existing Sunrise Telecom's customers and users transition to newer, modern, test platforms and technologies, VeEX created the MTTplus™ platform with an MTTplus-200 adapter module, to provide a forward path for existing users of their popular SunSet MTT and SunSet xDSL test modules, which were quite popular back in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The original versions of VeEX's MTTplus modular platform hardware and software offered limited support for some of Sunrise Telecom's SSMTT and SSxDSL test modules, via the MTTplus-200 adapter module. However, newer MTTplus hardware (shipping since 2022) and its software no longer supports these old modules and technologies. More modern alternatives are available from VeEX's test solution portfolio, addressing current telecommunication technologies and test methodologies.

IMPORTANT! From the MTTplus platform software version 03.00.0005 onwards:

  • The MTTplus no longer guarantees our best-effort commitment for backward compatibility with legacy Sunrise Telecom's SSMTT or SSxDSL modules.
  • Existing users with the MTTplus-200 adapter module must keep using proven MTTplus platform versions 01.00.xxxx or 02.00.xxxx. DO NOT upgrade to newer versions, if you plan to continue using old SSMTT or SSxDSL modules.
  • New MTTplus platforms, shipped since January 2022, will no longer support legacy SSMTT or SSxDSL modules. DO NOT try downgrading the software version!
  • The MTTplus-200 adapter module is no longer available for sale.

There were individual SunSet MTT/xDSL test modules for each of the different access and metro technologies of the time and they topped at 1 Gbit/s (1GE), which may have been good enough back in the 90s. However, today's access T&M applications require multi-service test sets that can handle up to at least 10 Gbit/s. As replacement, we recommend the MTX150 or MTTplus-340 Multi-Service test sets. The small and compact MTX150 alone replaces many SSMTT/SSxDSL modules in a single compact test set, including: E1/E3/E4, T1/T3, SDH/SONET up to 10G, Ethernet up to 10G, Fibre Channel, IEEE C37.94, Datacom, and more. For more modern xDSL applications check the MTTplus-260 and MTTplus-522 test modules.

Original SunSet MTT/xDSL from Sunrise Telecom

Sunrise Telecom's SunSet MTT test platformSunrise Telecom's SSMTT and SSxDSL test modules

VeEX MTTplus-200 Adapter for Legacy SSxDSL/SSMTT Modules

Empty VeEX MTTplus-200 Adapter Module for Sunrise Telecom's legacy SSxDSL and SSMTT test modules  VeEX MTTplus-200 Adapter Module with Sunrise Telecom's legacy SSxDSL/SSMTT test module

The MTTplus-200 adapter module, offered by VeEX Inc., provided a transition path for existing users of legacy SunSet xDSL and SunSet MTT test gear into modern technologies, test functionalities and connectivity.

VeEX MTTplus Platform with Samples of Modern Native Modules 

MTTplus test platform with some examples of native test modules

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